Medium sized water pipe.

Austin Made Glass Company

We carry elegant, locally made water pipes from Austin Made Glass Company.

Comes in All Sizes

Small sized water pipe

Boss Haas

Glass blown by Erik Haas, they have been working with glass since 1993.

Small sizes

Large sized water pipe

Grav Labs

We offer consisent and reliable glass pieces from Grav Labs, experts in the field since 2004.

Small and medium sizes

Small sized water pipe

American Helix

The original Helix pipe

Small and medium sizes

Huge sized water pipe

Lookah Innovation

Check out these unique looking pipes from Lookah Innovation

Large and huge sizes

Small sized water pipe

Scoby Glass

Check out these unique looking pipes from Scoby Glass

Small sizes

large sized water pipe

Zob Glass Pipes

Zob Glass Pipes brings some quality glass pieces to the table

large sizes

cat and dog treats

Pet Treats

We carry treats for both cats and dogs from brands like Sweet Sensei and Bolt

Cats and Dogs

two jars of thca flower

The Classic

Check out our quality THCA flower from The Classic

THC A flower

two jars of thc a flower

Trinity Hemp

Check out our selection of Trinity Hemp vapes, they offer a unique blend of Delta 8, Delta 10, HHC, THCP, THCH, and THCJD

cbd and thca flower packets

Turqoise Mountains

Turqoise Mountains offers a great variety of CDB and THCA flower, in addition to eddibles


BYO Hookah

BYO offers a wide selection of unique looking hookahs

large and small sizes

bottle of lazy luau

Lazy Luau0

We carry Lazy Luau, plant-based kava, kratom, and ashwagandha extracts

small sizes

nicotine vaporizers


We carry a large variety of nicotine vapes from brand such as: Esco Bars, Pod Mesh, Tyson, Airbar, Lost Mary, and many many more

all sizes