About Us

Welcome to our little corner of Austin, where local vibes meet cutting-edge designs and quality rules the day. We're not just any family-owned shop - we're your friendly neighborhood destination for the very best in smoking products, curated local glassware, and a colorful array of accessories and art.

We believe in stocking the highest quality products, and providing exceptional customer service. We're here to help you find the right product for your needs, and to answer any questions you may have.

Step into our world – a world where quality meets community, where Austin's authentic vibes echo in every corner, and where you're not just a customer, but a part of our family. We're more than just a street-side shop - we're a hub of creativity, a beacon of Austin's dynamic culture, and a haven for those seeking the finest in smoking products, local glassware, and art.

Proudly standing as a testament to Austin's unique spirit, we're a mix of old-school charm and modern chic, a blend of tradition and innovation. We're all about delivering the best of both worlds - traditional quality and contemporary style, fused together in a way that only a true Austin native can do.


Explore our premium range of glass smoking accessories, from sleek chillums and bowls to intricate pipes, bubblers, and water pipes. Experience purity and craftsmanship in every puff.


Discover our curated selection of nicotine products, featuring top-tier vapes and richly flavored juice. Elevate your vaping experience with quality and taste.


Experience the allure of our hookah range, paired with premium coals and flavorful shisha blends. Transform your sessions into an art of relaxation.


Indulge in our exquisite cigars collection, complemented by precision cutters. Elevate your smoking ritual with elegance and craft.

Delta and HHC Products

Delve into the world of hemp-derived Delta and HHC, offering premium cartridges, sleek vapes, and delectable edibles. Experience a new dimension of relaxation and flavor.


Explore our premium kratom selection, from finely-ground powder and convenient capsules to potent extracts. Dive into nature's serene embrace with every dose.

THCA and CBD Flower

Uncover the natural harmony of hemp-derived THCA and CBD, featuring hand-rolled joints and curated eights. Revel in holistic wellness and unparalleled taste.


Discover our diverse papers range, featuring eco-friendly hemp, rich blunt wraps, and classic rolling papers. Craft your moments with quality and authenticity.


Experience the future with our vaporizers, from powerful batteries and pristine dry herb devices to refined oil vapes and precise hot knives. Innovate your sessions with cutting-edge tech.


Dive into our accessories, from sleek rolling trays and efficient grinders to elegant ash trays and beyond. Elevate your rituals with our diverse essentials.